In the last blog post, we shared some important tips to help you set up your new apartment but what is a new apartment without beautiful colours that makes you always want to go back home and admire the beauty of your space. Today, we will be sharing the best colours ideas for your home which will guide you in choosing the right colours to make your apartment really cool, lovely and beautiful. The following are colours you may want to consider for your home:

  1. White: As cliche as this might sound, you can never go wrong with white because you can make your home pop with other colours that can compliment it. A very good example is white and green, white and brown, white and grey and so many other fantastic combinations that can be achieved with white. You might want to also consider off white, especially when you have kids around. 
Industrial Yet Warm Living-Dining Room
  1. Earthy colours: If you love earthy tones, then this is definitely for you. You can give your home a huge lift by combining earthy colours. This will help you by giving your home a very subtle, comfortable and luxurious feel. You can also play around with earthy colours when painting different corners of your home. A very good example involves different varieties of brown and grey.
  1. Soft Green: If you are a huge lover of nature, You will really love the outcome of green in your home. However, there are different shades of green such as dark green, emerald green etc. You can go for a lovely and luxurious option which is soft green. This is the type of colour that can help you feel so cool and relaxed at home. You should try this out. 
  1. Dark colours: If you are not all about light colours or earthy tones, you can try out dark colours like black or deep shades of grey. This is not so common but nothing beats trying out something new. You can add a pop of colour by using a bit of gold or silver and trying out wall frames in different colours. 
  1. Blue: This is a very lovely and cool colour regardless of the shade. Fun fact about the colour blue is that it signifies peace, and confidence. You can be creative with blue by using different shades for different corners of your home. 


Setting up a new apartment requires a lot of work and time to get things right and create a comfortable home that you will really admire. In this case, You might be moving to your own home or setting up a home previously occupied. Whatever the case might be, In this new blog we share some basic tips to help you set up a new apartment which includes:

-Sort out utilities: You should sort out utilities before moving into a new apartment in order to focus on some more important things like furniture, decoration and lights. Sorting your utilities also helps you become more organised.

-Get help with cleaning up: This should be the next thing you consider after sorting out your utilities. In case you are unable to sort out the cleaning on your own, you can get help with it. Cleaning your new apartment in advance helps to keep things in order and gives you an idea of how you want the apartment to be decoration wise. 

-Identify the decor you would use: Setting up a new apartment also involves creating a brand new look. Your space can affect even your mood and by putting this into consideration you can create a mood board, save ideas of the colours you really love. You can also consider using art works to spice up your space.

-Unpack: It is possible that you have some old items after decluttering your old space. Unpacking helps you see where you want to keep some items and the items you really do not need anymore. Unpacking can be very stressful and it can take a lot of time and energy but it is always worth it.

-Shop for important items: If you are just setting up your new apartment, you might want to set up your priority list. Get your furniture, lights, kitchen and room accessories directly from our website.

-Book a consultation or DIY: If you are really particular about how your home should be like, You can book a design consultation with us if you need professional help with designing the space and putting items together to transform the space or consider whether or not you want to do it yourself.

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Have you ever gotten into a conversation about decorating or styling your home and midway you got lost because you don’t understand some of the terms used? Not to worry. In this new blog post we have compiled a list of interior decor terms we think you should know. It includes: 


Bespoke: Something that is specially created for you. 


Chaise: An upholstered piece of furniture similar to a sofa that is shaped like a lounge chair.


Enfilade: A series of rooms that are connected via doorways that align with one another 


Monochromatic: A color scheme that is centered around a single color.


Hue: The color or shade of an interior design element


Alcove: A recessed part of a room 


Antique: All items that have existed for 100 or more years. 


Armoire: A large cabinet or wardrobe 


Ottoman: This is a low upholstered footstool or seat without arms or a back.


Swatch: This refers to a small sample of fabric that can be used for your home. 


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