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Have you ever gotten into a conversation about decorating or styling your home and midway you got lost because you don’t understand some of the terms used? Not to worry. In this new blog post we have compiled a list of interior decor terms we think you should know. It includes: 


Bespoke: Something that is specially created for you. 


Chaise: An upholstered piece of furniture similar to a sofa that is shaped like a lounge chair.


Enfilade: A series of rooms that are connected via doorways that align with one another 


Monochromatic: A color scheme that is centered around a single color.


Hue: The color or shade of an interior design element


Alcove: A recessed part of a room 


Antique: All items that have existed for 100 or more years. 


Armoire: A large cabinet or wardrobe 


Ottoman: This is a low upholstered footstool or seat without arms or a back.


Swatch: This refers to a small sample of fabric that can be used for your home. 


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