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Remote working also known as work from home or mobile working has changed the corporate industry ever since the pandemic started in 2020 causing employers all over the world to adopt a new structure in order to achieve organizations goals. From colorful paintings to beautifully designed chairs and table lamps, employees all over the world are getting creative with setting up a proper work from home space.  

Work from home

A recent article by Independent.co.uk says “Deloitte Uk is giving all its employees ability to work from home as it embraces flexible working permanently”. In setting up your home office, we have put together all you should know:


• Choose the right space:

It is advisable to choose a place close to natural light which gives you that outside feel. Asides from that, another thing to do is to pick a very comfortable room or space in your home. A space that makes you more productive and less distracted with other activities. According to a study by Northwestern University in Chicago, Natural lighting actually improves office workers’ productivity and quality of life.


• Have a color theme: Colors give an exciting feel and makes you do your work with so much happiness. If you are currently setting up your home space, you should try out color themes. Explore white or grey shades, White or brown shades. You could also try pastel colors which makes your space look simple and beautiful.


• Invest in quality seating: If you do not want to constantly deal with back pains from long meetings or discussions as well as the pain that comes from not being comfortable, You should totally embrace the idea of investing in quality chairs that makes you feel relaxed and productive. A very good way to start is by checking out our collection of chairs to shop here: www.luxullence.com 

• Select the right accessories: From ceramic lamps to simple and subtle wall lights and boxes, choosing accessories that compliments your space is very important. You should pick accessories that fit your space aesthetics which means investing in accessories that are not too heavy or accessories that won’t occupy your home office space. Keep it simple and lovely with our home and office collection here: www.luxullence.com


• Get creative: Storage and tools are very important for your daily activities but won’t you be excited having plants, flowers or beautiful rugs around you while working? To keep your space really organized and stylish, We highly recommend beautifying with items such as pampas grass, flowers or jars. 

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